These are the topics that are taught within Art at The Wordsley School.

Year 7


  • Proportions
  • Painting (Schmidt)
  • Pen and Ink (Hagner/Alcorn)
  • Mono Printing (Worhol)
  • Clay (Gavsolyles)
  • Oil Pastels (Bacon/Picasso)
  • Idea development
  • Mixed media - final piece

Year 8

Natural Forms

  • Observational drawing
  • Painting
  • William Morris
  • Repeat patterns
  • Printing press
  • Computer graphics
  • Pen and ink
  • Clay pots

Year 9

Still Life

  • Observational drawing
  • Ellipses
  • Text
  • Melting objects in the style of Salvador Dali
  • Combining objects in an unusual way - composition
  • Drawing cuboids and applying text
  • Combining objects with a product
  • Developing ideas
  • Oil pastel final piece as an advertisement

GCSE Art & Design - Fine Art (OCR)

Examination (40%)

The exam is set by the exam board and the students will complete this in the January of Year 11.

The exam work is completed in the same format as the controlled assessment.

Controlled Assessment (60%)

The students are given various starting points from which they can build a project. Their project will contain:

  • Artist Research (AO1)
  • Idea Development (AO2)
  • Observational Drawing work (AO3)
  • Final Design (AO4)