Musical Chairs

On the 11th December at 3pm The Wordsley School was full of festivity as a ginormous game of musical chairs took place in the hall. It was a competition between the four Houses; Tudor, Doulton, Stuart and Webb. The game was organised by Mrs Hadgett and her team of hardworking prefects. With the Christmas songs filling the hall everyone was joyful, excited and enthusiastic about the event. Every pupil was determined to win, with such a lively crowd the team spirit was booming. This included older pupils encouraging the younger ones by shaking their hands before the game started. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the various actions they were asked to do as they went around the chairs which included hoping on one leg, walking backwards and a unique crab-like dance move demonstrated by our very own Mr Willetts. The final two: Harry Bradley (SDWi) and Lewis Dickens (DSK) both appeared unstoppable and did everything in their power to win. Luckily Doulton were just that fraction quicker with Lewis Dickens winning the game. Well done to both Year 11 boys for their sheer determination and passionate attitude throughout the whole game.

This article, "Musical Chairs", was posted on 17-12-2014.