Song for Remembrance

Talented Wordsley pupils have created a ‘moving’ and ‘inspirational’ tribute to those who lost their lives in the world wars.

A number of students at The Wordsley School have come together to set a powerful pupil-written poem to music.

The song, recorded in the school’s music department, was created in collaboration between the student poets, Dominic Ridge, Cameron Parkes and Tom Rhodes, assistant headteacher Maggie Lambert and head of music Andrew Fisher.

Mr Fisher said: “For some years, the school has upheld the tradition of commemorating remembrance with respectful and thought-provoking assemblies, which always conclude with a live music performance.

“This year, we struggled to find a piece of music which created the tenor and gravitas appropriate to the mood we sought, so we decided to write our own.

“Three creative year 10 boys composed a hugely powerful poem in their school holidays which we decided to set to music.

“The haunting chorus line in the poem lent itself beautifully for conversion into our song’s motif and its refrain.

“It is a moving homage to the humble poppy with all its tragic and painful associations, but also a tribute to the hope it represents.”

Entitled ‘The Red Reaches’, the song was recorded by school musicians Tom Rhodes (guitar), Tyla Challenger (bass), Isobel Rothin (flute), Alicia Biggs (flute), Georgia Hadley (piano), Oliver Preece (organ), Mr Fisher (guitar) and Lucy-Mae Hill (vocals).

Mr Fisher added: “We believe we have created a truly inspirational tribute to the fallen which rightly honours their memory.”

The song, which can be listened to and downloaded below, will be performed by the pupils at this year’s school remembrance assembly.

This article, "Song for Remembrance", was posted on 05-11-2015.