40 Years of Mrs Sherwood!

Mrs G Sherwood joined the newly built "Buckpool School", now "The Wordsley School" on 15th April 1975 as Head of Girls Practical Subjects. Her intention was to remain for about three years in order to gain experience and then move on.

Her first week in post was traumatic because she couldn't understand the Black Country accent, it was a case of learn quickly and in a short time she could speak, read and write in Black Country.

Throughout the years she has worked with seven Headteachers temporary and permanent in post all with their own ideas to move the school in one direction or another.

Occasionally Mrs Sherwood has considered moving on and has often asked herself why not. The answer is always the same, another challenge arose and of course the pupils are a pleasure to work with.

Consequently she has progressed from her original post to the following:

  • Cross Curricular Coordinator
  • Second in Design, Technology and Art Faculty
  • GNVQ Coordinator
  • Head of Design & Technology
  • Senior Curriculum Area Leader
  • Assistant Headteacher

She has experienced many changes during her time here but in the past twelve years has seen the school go from strength to strength and this is due to the Leadership of the school working as a team to maintain a consistent approach and creating an atmosphere where all can flourish and achieve.

This article, "40 Years of Mrs Sherwood!", was posted on 29-04-2015.