At The Wordsley School, we take a pro-active approach to E-Safety. Before pupils have access to our network, every pupil and their parent/guardian must sign a copy of our E-Safety Policy.

Please see below for a copy of this policy:​

As a student at The Wordsley School, I will have the opportunity to use the computers and have access to the internet, to benefit my school work and grades.

I know that with the freedom to use these facilities comes the responsibility to use them wisely. I understand that any misuse of the internet or the computer system, available to me, will result in a loss of this privilege and/or punishment.

These are some of my responsibilities:

- I will not give personal information about myself or my family to anyone on-line without permission. For instance: My home, work and school addresses or telephone numbers. Any other personal information or my picture.

- I will not respond to messages or send t​hem unless directed by my teacher.

- I will alert my parents or teacher immediately if I come across any words, pictures or sound- files which I know are inappropriate, or make me feel uncomfortable.

- I will use COMMON SENSE on-line.

- I will only use the Internet and the computer system for education use linked to my subjects.

- I will keep my user area password safe and not let anyone else gain access knowingly.

- I will not access areas of the computer system I know are not allowed.

My parent/guardian(s) and I have discussed each of these responsibilities and we agree that I am capable of following them at school. We understand that if I fail to fulfil my responsibilities at school I will lose my Internet privileges, lose access to the computers at school, and/ or receive a punishment.