Home School Partnership

Home School Partnership

Parents are encouraged to be fully involved in the education of their child. There will be regular updates on progress throughout the year including opportunities to meet with your child’s Form Tutor.

We take great pride in contacting parents to celebrate our pupils’ achievements. We will also contact parents if any difficulty arises. Parents are encouraged to contact the school immediately if they have any concerns about any aspects of their child’s education.


Homework is very important. It extends the opportunities for independent learning which is a valuable aspect of your child’s development. Parents are encouraged to support their child with managing their homework timetable. Pupils may choose to stay behind and use the Library which is open until 4.00pm Monday to Thursday and 3.45pm on Friday.

Each pupil is given a homework diary. We ask parents to read the diary on a regular basis. Parents should discuss the work, insist upon the highest standards and ensure that deadlines are met. The diary may also be used for parents to communicate with members of staff.