School Diary

School Calendar for September 2021

Calendar 2021-2022 Parents.pdf

School Day

8:40am Pupils arrive on-site and make their way to AM tutor period (Bell sounds)

8:45am Start of AM tutor period (Bell sounds)

8:50am (Pupils expected in assembly are escorted to the hall)

9:05am Period 1 (Bell sounds)

9:55am Period 2

10:45am Break

11:00am Period 3 (Bell sounds)

11:50am Period 4

12:40pm Lunch

1:15pm Start of PM tutor period

1:20pm Period 5 (Bell sounds)

2:10pm Period 6

3:00pm End of the school day


If you have questions about our school diary, please contact Mrs R Potter, PA to the Headteacher.