Food & Nutrition

Year 7


  • Health, safety and hygiene – 4C’s, safe food practice.

  • Nutrition – How to ensure a balanced diet. Understanding different nutrients and the main food groups that make up the Eat Well Guide. Identifying functions and sources of macronutrients and micronutrients and the impact they have on the body.

  • Food science – How to prevent enzymic browning, the function and characteristics of bread and pastry ingredients

Food Practicals

Fruit salad – food science investigation; investigating enzymic browning and introduction to chopping skills

  • Pasta salad – using the hob safely and chopping skills

  • Bread – introduction to weighing and measuring, kneading and proving, function of ingredients

  • Pinwheels – rubbing in method, product development and testing

  • Cookies – creaming method, increasing the intake of fruit, considering the use of ingredients for complimentary flavours

  • Jam tarts – developing pastry ingredient skills and food investigation into the function of fats in making pastry

  • Quiche/egg custard – function of pastry ingredients, coagulation of eggs. Testing and evaluating.

Year 8


  • Food safety and hygiene

  • Food poisoning and investigating different types of bacteria

  • Moral and cultural influences on food choice

  • Seasonal foods and food provenance and their impact on food choice

  • Impact of life stages on food choice

  • Nutrition – investigating nutrients, their functions and sources. 8 government guidelines and analysing healthy and unhealthy diets

Food Practicals

  • Soup and breadsticks – review and recap of skills from year 7; chopping skills, safe use of oven and hob, weighing and measuring

  • Pizza – using the eat well guide to select choice of ingredients to create a balanced product

  • Chicken or vegetable curry – safe food preparation using a high risk ingredient, demonstrating correct use of equipment to prevent cross contamination

  • Cheese and potato pie – using a staple ingredient

  • Bolognese or chilli con carne – making a simple ragu sauce

  • Pie – using seasonal ingredients and stock based sauce

  • Risotto – using a staple ingredient. Product development, adapting the use of an ingredient for a life stage.

Year 9


  • Food safety in the food industry – identifying the regulations and laws and procedures

  • Nutrition – investigating a range of special dietary needs, analysing their nutritional needs and developing suitable products

  • Food provenance – primary and secondary processing of ingredients, investigating field to fork of a range of ingredients

  • Identifying the environmental impacts on food

  • Food science – denatured proteins, gelatinisation

Food Practicals

  • Fresh pasta

  • Lasagne – fresh pasta, reduction sauce, ragu, roux sauce

  • Choux pastry – developing choux pastry skills to make chocolate eclairs or choux buns

  • Marinades – knowledge of tenderisation and use of a marinade to flavour meat

  • Swiss roll – science of raising agents

  • Meringue and pavlova product – food styling and presentation, denatured proteins and use of raising agents

  • Burger product – development of skills to make a whole product. Practical consists of bread and burger.

  • World food assessment – using their research, pupils will select and develop their own recipe based on a country they have studied

  • Special diets assessment – following a nutritional analysis activity, pupils will choose a special diet to plan, prepare and make a suitable product

GCSE Food & Nutrition (Eduqas)

Component 1:

Principles of food preparation and nutrition. Written examination. 50%

Component 2:

Food preparation and nutrition in action

  • Assessment 1: The food investigation assessment 15% (8 hours)

  • Assessment 2: The food preparation assessment 35% (12 hours) inclusive of 3 hour practical where pupils need to prepare and cook 3 dishes with suitable accompaniments.


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