Year 7

  • World Geography

  • OS Mapwork

  • Settlement

  • Economic Activities

Year 8

  • Weather and Climate

  • National Parks

  • Ecosystems

  • Rivers

  • Globalisation

Year 9

  • Development

  • Natural Disasters

  • Coasts

  • The Geography of Crime

GCSE Geography (WJEC)

Examination (75%)

The exam is set by the exam board and the students will complete this in the summer of Year 11.

There are three themes to the examination:

  • Theme 1: Challenges of living in the built environment

  • Theme 2: Physical Processes and Relationships between people and environment

  • Theme 3: Uneven development and sustainable environments

Controlled Assessment (25%)

The controlled assessment varies from year to year but could cover any aspect of the course.


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