Resistant Materials

Year 7

  • Workshop Health and Safety

  • The design Process

  • Basic Hand and Machine tool skills

  • Introduction into materials such as Timber, Polymers and Metals.

  • Introduction into CAD/CAM skills and techniques.

  • Technical Knowledge

Year 8

  • Development of Designing skills from year 7

  • Further development of CAD/CAM knowledge and skills.

  • Hand and machine tool skills

  • Knowledge of materials

  • Working to a design brief

  • Promotion of independent learning

  • Development of research and evaluation skills

  • Knowledge of sustainability and environmental factors

Year 9

  • Types of metals and their properties

  • Detailed use of the design process to prepare for GCSE level.

  • Development of Design development and evaluation skills

  • Development of CAD/CAM skills to an independent level.

  • Working with accuracy and focusing on creating quality products

  • Further development of hand and machine tools skills

GCSE Design & Technology (AQA 8552)

  • one None Examined Assessment (NEA) worth 50%

  • one exam (50%)

Pupils will study Core principles and then chose to specialise out of the following materials:

  • Textile based materials (textiles)

  • Paper and Boards (graphics)

  • Woods, Polymers and Metals (Resistant Materials)


If you have any questions regarding the D&T Curriculum at The Wordsley School, please contact Mr A While (Curriculum Achievement Lead) on (01384) 816015.