Welcome Year 6!

Welcome Year 6!

I understand what a difficult few weeks you have all been having and am well aware that your move to Wordsley in September might feel a little more challenging given the changes that the current situation have made to our usual Induction programme.

This area of our website is just for you. There are lots of things that you will hopefully find useful and will help you to answer some of the questions you might have about Wordsley before you start.

Any updates about Induction will be added here and we will keep in contact with your Primary School teachers so that they can let you know any important information too.

In the meantime, enjoy your last few weeks at Primary school; we very much look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Weatherhogg

Assistant Headteacher

Get to know us

We have prepared videos that introduce the people you will get to meet in September. Have a look at the video for your house!

Tudor House

Doulton House

Stuart House

Webb House


The following pages on our website might be useful for you, or your parents, to read before you start with us in September.


We have sent a newsletter to the parents/guardians of our new Year 7 cohort with links to some forms we need before pupils start with us.

Young Minds

This video from Young Minds will help you settle in to The Wordsley School. It shows that you are not the only one going through this change!

  • Link to Young Minds video

Top Tips

How to have a great first term at Wordsley

  1. Set an alarm to avoid unnecessary feelings of panic when you wake up late for school. Make sure you set an alarm early enough to get you into school on time.
  2. Pack your school bag the night before. Double check your timetable to check you have all of the correct equipment for the next day.
  3. Always eat some breakfast- especially on your first day. It will avoid a rumbling tummy in your morning lessons!
  4. Make sure you know the route you’re going to take to school and how long it takes (if walking).
  5. Learn how to tie your school tie! A YouTube tutorial and lots of practice will help you to feel a little more prepared.
  6. Take all opportunities to meet and speak to new people. This will help you to feel more confident as you settle into life at Wordsley. Remember… all of Year 7 are going through this experience together.
  7. Take note of key places such as toilets, the Head of House office etc. when you have your tour of the school on the first day.
  8. Always ask for help if you’re unsure of something. We’re a friendly bunch at Wordsley and will always support you if we know there’s an issue.
  9. Remember to keep valuable items such as mobile phones and precious pieces of jewellery at home.
  10. Enjoy it! It won’t take you long to feel as though you have always been a Wordsley pupil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a mobile phone to school?

No, for your safety and security we ask that mobile phones are kept at home. If you are caught with a mobile phone, the member of staff will confiscate it. It will then be locked in our safe until a parent/ carer can come and collect it.

What jewellery can I wear?

One small ear stud in each ear, one ring and a watch. Again, if pupils are wearing jewellery that is against school rules, it may be confiscated. No piercings other than the ears are permitted.

What happens if I get lost?

Our pupils are really friendly and are more than happy to help out! In your form group, there will always be older pupils who will take you to your lesson and members of staff and pupils around school will point you in the right direction. Staff are really understanding and if you’re a few minutes late because you couldn’t find the room, they really won’t mind.

What do I do if I lose something?

In the first instance, it may be worth trying the room that you were last in as items often get handed in to the teacher. We also hold lost property in the Head of House office- you would be amazed at what ends up there!

What do I do if I’m being bullied? What will be done about it?

Bullying is not tolerated at our school and anyone accused of bullying behaviour towards another pupil is always dealt with in line with our bullying policy. Staff are always happy to listen, so you may want to speak to your form tutor, another teacher you trust or a pastoral member of staff/ Head of House. It’s important that you always report incidents of bullying so that we can help.

Am I allowed to wear trainers?

Yes, but they must be completely black with no other colour on whatsoever. Look at the images on the school website (in the uniform section) if you’re unsure.

Am I allowed to have my hair dyed a bright colour/ shaved?

We do not allow extreme hairstyles. Save anything radical for the school holidays!

What trips can you go on?

There are lots of trips available at Wordsley! Some of them form part of our school curriculum (such as Geography field trips to places like Carding Mill Valley) and others are extra-curricular and include ski trips to the USA, PGL, and visits to Spain and Italy.

Do we have to swim in PE lessons?

Swimming forms a really important part of PE as water safety is such an important skill. You will be given a rota of the different sports/activities you will do in PE each term and swimming will be part of that.

How do I buy my lunch? What time is lunchtime?

We operate a ‘cashless’ system in our canteen that is based on your fingerprint. On your first day (usually Induction Day) your fingerprint is taken so we can recognise you. As often as you need to you can add money onto your account using the machines by Music or the Gym. If you have Free School Meals, the money is added on for you automatically. You are also free to bring your own lunch if you wish. Lunchtime is from 12.40 pm-1.15 pm.

What happens if I get a detention?

Staff may issue a detention for breaking our school rules/ code of conduct. You will usually know about it well in advance and we will let your parents know too. The length of time for a detention can vary and is decided by the member of staff but the longest you will be kept behind after school is one hour.

Will I be with my friends/ siblings?

Usually, if you have an older brother or sister at school then you will be in the same form group as them. Teaching groups generally depend on your ability but even if you’re not with friends from Primary School, you will soon make new ones in all of your groups!

How much homework will I get?

Homework is set regularly by your teachers. It’s a really good way to support your progress as you might be revisiting something you have already been taught or you might be extending your knowledge. Generally, you will have homework every week in English, Maths and Science, and every other week in your other subjects.

Are the lessons hard and are the teachers strict?

Our teachers have very high standards. We are really proud of the relationships we have with our pupils but teachers will not tolerate anything in lessons that disrupts learning. Teachers will also challenge you so lessons will get harder but you will be given lots of support … we want you to succeed and make excellent progress!

How many lessons and breaks do you have in a day?

There are 6 lessons. Each one lasts for 50 minutes. There is a morning break from 10.45 am-11 am. Lunchtime is 12.40 pm- 1.15 pm.

What do I do with my bag and equipment during the day?

Generally, everything you will need for the lessons you have each day will be kept in your school bag and carried with you. We do have lockers available (Mrs Harris at the school office can help with this). You pay a small deposit which is then returned to you at the end of the school year when you hand your key in.

How often is assembly?

Each House has assembly once per week. Occasionally, you may be called to an assembly that is just for your particular year group