School Diary

You can view and subscribe to the school diary, including term dates and the school day.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of pupils.


We take our responsibility for safeguarding and protecting our pupils seriously.

Uniform Expectations

Find uniform suppliers and examples of what our pupils should wear at school.


While at The Wordsley School, pupils will have access to an IT system. See how we ensure they are safe online.

Extra-curricular Activities

We have a wide and varied program of extra curricular activities that pupils can take part in.


Homework is an expectation of The Wordsley School. This outlines our homework policy and the importance of home school partnerships.

Accelerated Reader

This is a program that we use to enhance and improve the reading abilities of pupils.

Pastoral Care

Our vertical forms have proved very popular with both pupils and parents. See how our pastoral system operates.