Spectral Echoes of War

For some years, The Wordsley School has upheld the tradition of commemorating Remembrance with respectful and thought-provoking assemblies.

These assemblies always conclude with a live music performance which accompanies a montage of images as a poignant reminder of war and loss and as an opportunity for quiet reflection.

Inspired by the “Blood swept lands and seas of red” installation, we created our own spectacular version with pupils and staff making more than a thousand ceramic poppies to create our own installation in 2015.

We have also established writing original music for these assemblies as a staff/pupil collaboration so that they end with the tenor and gravitas appropriate to the mood of Remembrance.

This year, inspired by the Centenary installation “There but Not There”, we have composed a song which complements and respects the beautiful and haunting spectral figures of this installation. It is a moving homage to those who have sacrificed their lives in war so that we can be free. This will be the central theme for this year’s assembly from 6th-9th November.

The song, “Spectral Echoes of War”, was written by Head of Music and Lead Practitioner Andrew Fisher and Assistant Headteacher Maggie Lambert. This will be performed live in the assemblies by Gracie-Lou Edmonds (vocals), Jessica Weaver and Emma Jukes (flute), Ryan-Lee Compton (bass) Samantha Enright (organ), Mrs Fisher (clarinet) and Mr Fisher (piano).

Also inspired by the theme, we have created our own versions of the perspex figures and silhouettes as a poignant reminder on entry to the school.

Spectral Echoes of War.mp3