Trip to Build Studios

On Tuesday 4th December, a group of pupils travelled to London to see Roman Kemp being interviewed about his career in the media industry. He talked about his inspirations, motivation and projects he had been involved in.

We had a photo with Caggie from 'Made in Chelsea' before we entered the studio.
The studio was smaller than we were expecting! We were really close to the stars!
Roman Kemp from Capital Breakfast radio was being interviewed by Sam Thompson from 'Made in Chelsea'
We all had great seats!
Miss Lloyd was too embarrassed to have a photo on her own!

We were very lucky that Roman stayed to have photos taken with all of us.

View the group photos with Roman Kemp

By Gracie-Lou (Year 11)

Tuesday 4th December wasn’t just the fourth chocolate opened in some people’s advent calendars. Twenty-nine students ranging from years 7 to 11 were given the opportunity of a lifetime when they visited London on a particularly cold day. Roman Kemp (the Capital breakfast show host) was pleasantly surprised by the tornado of The Wordsley School students when they excitedly bounded in. But more on that later.

After a seven o’clock start (and a few complaints from year 11’s about the time), everyone was raring to go, and by seven thirty-two the coach was off. If it weren’t for the seatbelts holding them down, the students (and teachers!) would have been bouncing off of the walls of the coach. The hours fell away in the form of song lyrics and car games, but the excitement never faded, and at nine thirty the coach took a half time break to fill up on fuel. As for the students, they were given twenty minutes to stretch their legs before it was time to go… again.

The countdown had begun! With only two hours remaining the pupils were euphoric and the teachers’ caffeine induced consciousness fell away and turned into great exhilaration. Paul (the coach driver) simply added to the entertainment and made the long winded journey feel as though it were fleeting.

Finally, after a four and a half hour drive the exuberant teens had reached their destination. The sight of Roman Kemp walking down the street and into the Build studio seemed to make everyone erupt, and with a sneaky selfie with Miss Lloyd he was able to continue into the building. Then ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Caggie Dunlop passed by, and was obviously asked to have a selfie with the glowing faces of The Wordsley School. Fifteen minutes later the pupils and teacher we let in.

Glee overtook them… They were shown into a room with around thirty seats, the set of the studio was at the other side. The seconds dragged and waiting for Roman Kemp seemed to take a life time, but eventually Sam Thompson from ‘Made in Chelsea’ (the interviewer) came in to say a quick “hello” before the interview.

It started!!

Roman Kemp had walked into the room and sat down with a polite welcome. “Action” was called and the questions were fired. Inspiration struck and the whole room sat there speechless. The words of Roman Kemp were taken in, deciphered and loved as he spoke about “never giving up on your dreams”.

Half an hour later the cameras were turned off but the pupils wanted more. They wished Roman Kemp a good day and he was off… Until Mr Willetts cheekily asked him for a few pictures with the group, to which Mr Kemp agreed. The pupils broke off into groups of four or five and took a snapshot with the radio show host (he was very tall I might add).

With around and hour to spare Paul (the coach driver) kindly agrees to take the still excitable teens on a tour around London to see some of the tourist spots. Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye all looked massive compared to the tiny bus, it’s crazy to think people actually built these building because of how big they are.

And at half past two the day, for the teachers and pupils, had sadly come to an end. The journey back home was a lot quieter on the way back, thanks to the pupils who had fallen asleep (and maybe one teacher… sorry Mr Reid). All in all the day was a blast and everyone definitely had at least one moment to remember, if not a trillion.

By Holly (Year 8)

We started off the day by going to school at 7.10am - which, lets be honest, is way too early. When we got there, we met up with our friends and started talking about the day ahead of us.

After everyone got there, we started the long and tiresome journey to London. On the way, we talked and expressed how excited we were to see Roman Kemp. Some how, my friends and I managed to sing Christmas songs the whole way there!

When we finally got there, we saw Roman outside looking a little lost. We also saw a star who has featured in 'Made in Chelsea', Caggie. After waiting, we were taken into the studio and sat down. We were the only people in the entire audience!

Roman Kemp walked in after everything had been set up and we all clapped and cheered like crazy! We were so excited to be part of the amazing BUILD Series LDN. After watching the interview between Roman Kemp and the interview, Sam Thompson from 'Made in Chelsea', we were quite inspired by his story and his continuation to strive for greatness and take any opportunity he was offered.

As we were about to leave, Mr Willetts talked to the manager and we were able to get photos with him. This was really cool.

After we came out of the studio, we had a tour of London. We went around Westminster and saw highlights such as: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace! We found out lots of information about these places as Mr Willetts was quoting Wikipedia.

As we arrived back at school, we reflected on how wonderful and fun the day had been.

You can watch the episode of BUILD here.