Choosing Options

Pupils in Year 9 will shortly be choosing their GCSE options. We want you to be fully prepared to make informed decisions.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Unfortunately, the Year 9 reports will not be delivered to you until Tuesday next week. As a result, I have extended the deadline for completion of the option forms to Thursday 11th February and put the link to the Google Options Form on the website; the form can also be access and completed from the link below.

I have had many enquiries about completing the form; however, the correct form has only been added to the website today. Please ensure you complete the Google Options Form and not the pink pdf document on the website as this is only there for guidance and support.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs H Griffiths

Mrs Griffiths, Deputy Headteacher, explains the options process for Year 9 pupils & their parents/carers