Remote Learning

Google Classroom

For help using Google Classroom, please check our guide. We have seen some issues with pupils using their personal email accounts to access Google Classroom; this will not work. Pupils will need to sign out of their personal accounts and use their school address to access their classes.

The government have also prepared resources that can be accessed here.

Computer Science

Live Lessons for Computer Science are streamed through Google Classroom and can be caught up on later. The lessons for Year 10 are at 10am on a Tuesday and Friday; Year 9 are at 10.30am on a Tuesday; Year 7 are 10am on Wednesday and Year 8 are 10.30am on a Wednesday. Each lesson is around 25 minutes long with an associated task posted on Google Classroom later.



These websites are fun and interactive. BBC Bitesize is great for all years, as is

Mi Vida Loca, is an interactive story, which you can follow over a number of days and answer the questions as you go along. DuoLingo is a free phone App practising vocabulary.

*Watch a film/cartoon with subtitles/Spanish audio to help with listening/reading (some of his DVDs may have Spanish soundtracks/subtitles).

Further Practise Year7*/Year 8/9**

**Write a diary/an account about activities, food eaten etc. whilst not in school.

**Write about their new routines in Spanish

**Write about where they would like to go, is going to go

*Research a Spanish speaking country or/and

city in English.

*Label and draw ‘new’ Spanish vocabulary/label a scene

*Create puzzles (to complete yourself later)

*Write a letter about yourself (include as much as possible about yourself, your school, interests etc.).

Year 10 Extension Work

Resource: Edexcel Spanish Revision Workbook

Theme: Identity and Culture (Pages 1 to 25)

Work through the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing tasks. To access the audio files for the listening questions go to

Resource: Edexcel Spanish Revision Guide

Read through pages 18 to 23 on Hobbies, Music, Sport, Reading, Films and TV.


Mr Fisher has also prepared some documents for you to access. These will require you to be signed in to your school email account to access.