Our House System

The pastoral system that is in place at Wordsley is at the very heart of our school. We have four houses: Doulton, Stuart, Tudor and Webb, obviously named to reflect the rich history of our local area and draw a connection to the community that we serve. Each house is overseen by a Head of House; a member of teaching staff who is incredibly skilled at nurturing and supporting our pupils and families.

Each house comprises of seven ‘mixed age’ tutor groups. This system is a unique and popular feature of our school; it creates a sense of community, belonging and encourages pupils to build healthy, positive relationships. Older pupils are given the opportunity to nurture younger ones, acting as role models. Younger pupils also benefit as they are given an insight into the experiences of older pupils. This inevitably means that when faced with potential challenges such as choosing GCSE options or revising for exams, our pupils have already been exposed to these through the eyes of their peers, making the experience far less daunting.

We foster healthy rivalry between our houses and offer lots of opportunities for pupils to earn house points. A wide variety of Inter-House competitions, appealing to lots of different strengths and interests of our pupils, take place regularly each term.

Tudor House

Webb House

Stuart House

Doulton House


Your child's Form Tutor will be your first port of call for queries about our pastoral care. You can leave a message for them with Donna on Reception.