Pastoral Care

Our vertical forms have proved very popular with both pupils and parents. Pupils are placed into one of the four houses: Tudor, Stuart, Webb or Doulton. Each is led by a Head of House. Your child’s form group will be made up of pupils from Years 7 to 11. We are keen to break down barriers between young people and to generate a community within a community. Older pupils within each group have specific responsibilities to support new pupils to the school.

Children from the same family are placed in the same tutor group. This helps us to improve communication between home and school and develop a real sense of partnership. The Form Tutor, as well as monitoring your child’s progress and general well-being at school, will be the first point of contact in the school.


Your child's Form Tutor will be your first port of call for queries about our pastoral care. You can leave a message for them with Donna on Reception.