Year 7 Art


  • Record your findings by selecting appropriate information and images.
  • Explain what you like and don’t like about the artists’ work using images to illustrate


  • You outline a range of ideas although there may still be a limited amount of development from the original.
  • You clarify your ideas using words, labelled sketches and models to communicate design details.
  • Your work illustrates a degree of creativity through its development.

Technical Knowledge

  • You can apply materials to your work using the appropriate method but with basic control.
  • You can use tools and media with some accuracy.


  • You can duplicate objects with success.
  • It is clear what the object is although the line work may be a little clumsy.
  • The shapes and angles are fairly correct.
  • You can apply highlights and shadows to your work.


  • You can successfully identify and summarise what has been a success in your work.
  • You can suggest areas for improvement using the correct artistic terminology.