Year 7 English


Reading Strategies

  • Use skimming, scanning and close reading effectively to enable you to understand most of a text.

Identifying Techniques

  • Identify some basic language techniques (not always necessarily named using correct terminology)

Context & Theme

  • Make few basic connections between a text and its context/theme.

Reference & Style

  • Use some basic textual reference (not always direct quotation).


  • Make basic comparisons between texts.



  • Spell most high frequency words correctly.


  • Use a limited range of vocabulary - appropriately in most cases.


  • Use full stops, exclamation marks and question marks correctly in most cases.
  • Always use capital letters correctly for new sentences.


  • Use simple sentence structures grammatically correctly in most cases.
  • Use simple connectives.

Sequencing & Cohesion

  • Show some evidence of logical sequencing of ideas.


  • Group related points together in their writing.

Writing Development

  • Start to show signs of imaginative detail in their writing, perhaps through vocabulary choices.

Audience & Purpose

  • Have an understanding of the conventions of writing to persuade (some techniques used).
  • Show an awareness of basic letter form.

Headteacher Mike Lambert

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