Year 8 English


Reading Strategies

  • Use skimming, scanning and close reading effectively to allow you to develop an advanced understanding of the text.

Identifying Techniques

  • Identify a wide range of language techniques.
  • Use accurate terminology to refer to language techniques in almost all cases.

Context & Theme

  • Make detailed connections between a text and its context/themes.
  • Offer some explanation of how the context or themes behind texts affect overall meanings.

Evaluation & Effect

  • Make sustained and mostly detailed analytical comments about the intentions of a writer and the effect their language use has on the reader.

Reference & Style

  • Use sustained and relevant textual reference in the form of direct, and often embedded, quotations.
  • Demonstrate use of an organised analytical/critical style.


  • Make sound and sustained comparisons between texts.



  • Spell most words correctly, making only phonetically plausible errors.


  • Choose vocabulary for effect with regular evidence of more ambitious vocabulary choices


  • Always use all basic punctuation correctly.
  • Show some evidence of using a wider range of punctuation including commas and ellipsis to mark pauses.


  • Show evidence of using simple, compound and complex sentences grammatically correctly.
  • Use varied sentence lengths for effect.

Sequencing & Cohesion

  • Logically sequence all work with clear links between paragraphs.
  • Show some evidence of using more complex connectives.


  • Always use paragraphs to structure main ideas in their writing.

Writing Development

  • Develop writing with imaginative detail.
  • Show evidence of using basic language techniques in their writing.

Audience & Purpose

  • Demonstrate a clear awareness of audience and purpose.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of conventions of a range of writing purposes with most techniques being used appropriately.

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