Year 8 English


Reading Strategies

  • Use skimming, scanning and close reading effectively to enable you to make detailed deductions about a whole text.

Identifying Techniques

  • Identify most language techniques correctly.
  • Use correct terminology to refer to language techniques in most cases.

Context & Theme

  • Make some connections between a text and its context and/or themes.
  • Explain connections between text and context/theme in some detail.

Evaluation & Effect

  • Make basic analytical comments about the intentions of a writer and the effect their language use has on the reader.

Reference & Style

  • Use relevant textual reference in the form of direct quotations.
  • Show development of a basic analytical style.


  • Make basic comparisons between texts.



  • Spell all high frequency words correctly.


  • Use a limited range of vocabulary appropriately - with occasional evidence of more ambitious vocabulary used for effect.


  • Use full stops, exclamation marks, question marks and speech/quotation marks correctly in most cases.
  • Always use capital letters correctly for new sentences and proper nouns.


  • Consistently use simple sentence structures correctly with occasional evidence of using more ambitious structures and connectives for effect.

Sequencing & Cohesion

  • Show regular evidence of logical sequencing of ideas with use of basic time connectives.


  • Start to use paragraphs.

Writing Development

  • Show regular signs of imaginative detail in their writing, perhaps through vocabulary choices.

Audience & Purpose

  • Show some basic awareness of varying formality to suit different audiences.
  • Have an understanding of the conventions of writing to persuade, describe and inform (some techniques used).
  • Show an awareness of basic letter form and article form.