Year 7 Geography

  • You can recall numerous geographical facts about places, environments, concepts and locations at a range of scales. You use key terms and definitions to good effect.
  • You are able to describe processes, patterns, features, methods, events etc. with some accuracy.
  • You give accurate reasons for changes, events, causes, effects etc. and have a good level of accuracy in applying knowledge.
  • Your descriptions are accurate with relevant reasons given and you attempt to analyse with basic data manipulation. A valid conclusion is evident.
  • Criticism is evident of some sources and data and bias is recognised and referred of in evaluations. There is some attempt to explain how the method suits the hypothesis.
  • You are able to mark and locate places, seas, oceans, continents, lines of longitude and latitude, major UK cities and most European countries on a base map with accuracy using a printed map or atlas (digital or book form).
  • You can give directions using 8 points of the compass. You can give heights using spot heights, trig points, simple contours and colour shading. You can give 5 figure grid references to locate a place or feature. You can describe and interpret thematic maps.
  • You can give accurate descriptions and interpretations using photographs and diagrams.
  • Bar, line graphs, mathematical cross-sections, choropleth maps and pie charts are hand drawn and computer generated with accuracy. Titles, axes labels and keys are evident and you use the mean, mode and median.