Year 7 Geography

  • You are able to recall a wider range of geographical facts about places, environments, concepts and locations at 2 or more scales. You will start to use key terms and definitions.

  • You can describe processes, patterns, features, methods and events with some clarity.

  • You will be able to give a wider range of reasons for changes, events, causes etc. and start to apply knowledge accurately.

  • Your descriptions will be clear with basic reasons given for changes, events, processes, photos, maps etc. and a basic conclusion may be offered.

  • You can offer some basic criticism of the relevance of certain sources or information, and recognise bias in data or sources.

  • You can locate seas, oceans, continents, lines of longitude and latitude and major UK cities on a base map with some accuracy using a printed map or atlas (digital or book form).

  • You can give directions using 4 points of the compass and give heights using spot heights and colour shaded maps. You can give 4 figure grid references to locate a feature or place giving basic descriptions and interpretation using thematic maps.

  • You can offer basic descriptions and interpretations using photographs and diagrams. You draw bar and line graphs with some accuracy, using correct labelling of titles and axes and correct use of statistics i.e. use of the mean.