Year 8 Religious Education

Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

  • Explain the Five Pillars in detail, making links to Muslim teaching and evaluating the importance of them in comparison to each other.
  • Evaluate the importance of Jesus to Christians, using key religious terminology.

Practices and Ways of Life

  • Explain how the different features of a mosque may support a Muslim in their worship.
  • Examine the features of Holy Week/ Christmas and evaluate the importance of these for Christians.
  • Compare and contrast, in detail, rites of passage from different religions.

Forms of Expression

  • Give a detailed explanation of what happens inside a mosque and evaluate the importance of mosque worship for Muslims.
  • Compare different ways that Christians remember the life of Jesus and evaluate the importance of each one.
  • Prioritise symbols that are important during rites of passage, justifying your decisions.

Identity and Belonging

  • Evaluate which pillar might be the most important for a Muslim to feel part of their faith.
  • Determine the impact of a Christian’s belief in incarnation and salvation on their lives.
  • Assess the need for rites of passage. Are they a necessary part of belonging to a particular faith?

Meaning, Purpose and Truth

  • Explain, in depth, using key terminology, the story of Muhammad (pbuh) and why it’s such an important basis for Islam.
  • Evaluate the need for rites of passage in giving a person’s life meaning and purpose.

Values and Commitments

  • Decide whether there is anything outside of the Five Pillars that could show a Muslim is dedicated to their faith. Give well justified reasons why respecting the Qur’an is important.
  • Assess the importance of Bible stories/ teachings for giving Christians the values by which to lead their life.
  • Evaluate the need for rites of passage in showing commitment to a faith. Can you demonstrate the values of the faith without them?