Year 8 Religious Education

Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

  • Name the Five Pillars and give a simple description of them.
  • Outline simply, the key events of Jesus’ life and why he is important to Christians.

Practices and Ways of Life

  • Explain the key features of a mosque and how it is used for worship.
  • Explain the key events of Holy Week/ Christmas and say why they’re important.
  • Describe at least two different rites of passage from different religions.

Forms of Expression

  • Give a simple description of what happens inside a mosque.
  • Describe different ways that Christians might remember different events in Jesus’ life.
  • Describe important symbols that are used during a variety of rites of passage.

Identity and Belonging

  • Describe, in simple terms, the importance of the Five Pillars for the Muslim community.
  • Describe common Christian beliefs about Jesus’ incarnation on Earth.
  • Describe what participation in rites of passage might mean to people of a particular faith.

Meaning, Purpose and Truth

  • Describe the story of Muhammad (pbuh) and how it links to the creation of the Qur’an.
  • Describe the reason why Jesus came to Earth.
  • Summarise how important rites of passage can be for giving meaning and purpose to a person’s life.

Values and Commitments

  • Describe how following the Five Pillars in general, and the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh) show commitment to Islam. Describe how respect is shown to the Qu’ran.
  • Link specific Bible stories/ teachings to how a Christian might behave in their everyday life.
  • Describe how participation in specific rites of passage shows commitment to a faith.