Year 8 Religious Education

Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

  • Describe the Five Pillars and why they are important to Muslims.
  • Explain, in some detail, the key events of Jesus’ life and give reasons why he is important to Christians.

Practices and Ways of Life

  • Show an understanding that going to mosque may support a Muslim in their worship.
  • Summarise the key events of Holy Week/ Christmas and establish the importance of them for Christians.
  • Explain two or more rites of passage in detail (including differences within the same faith).

Forms of Expression

  • Explain what happens inside a mosque using key religious terms.
  • Explain, in some detail, the different ways that Christians remember key events in Jesus’ life and why it’s important to remember these events.
  • Explain the importance of symbols that are used during a variety of rites of passage and suggest other symbols which might also be appropriate for parts of the ceremonies/celebrations.

Identity and Belonging

  • Explain the importance of the Five Pillars for how the Muslim community is supposed to behave.
  • Explain what Christians believe by the terms incarnation, Messiah and salvation.
  • Explain how participating in rites of passage may increase a person’s sense of belonging to their faith.

Meaning, Purpose and Truth

  • Explain how the story of Muhammad (pbuh) is important for the creation of the faith and Qur’an.
  • Explain what Christians believe Jesus’ purpose on Earth was and how this might affect their actions.
  • Prioritise rites of passage in terms of how they might give a person’s life meaning and purpose.

Values and Commitments

  • Explain how following specific parts of the Five Pillars encourage Muslims to show dedication to their faith. Examine the importance of respecting the Qur’an.
  • Examine the meanings behind different Bible stories/ teachings and speculate on how these could impact on the life of a Christian.
  • Question how specific parts of each rite of passage examined, show commitment to a faith.