Year 8 Religious Education

Beliefs, Teachings and Sources

  • Know the names/ meanings of the Five Pillars.
  • State why Jesus was important.
  • State what a rite of passage is and give an example.

Practices and Ways of Life

  • State what Muslims do to show respect in their religion.
  • Outline briefly, the key events of Holy Week/ Christmas.
  • Talk about a rite of passage from a particular religion.

Forms of Expression

  • State what happens inside a mosque.
  • Give examples of what Christians do to remember key events in the life of Jesus.
  • Give one example of simple symbolism that is used during a rite of passage.

Identity and Belonging

  • Talk about why the Five Pillars are important to the Muslim community.
  • Talk about the beliefs that all Christians have in common.
  • State how a rite of passage can make a person feel part of a religion.

Meaning, Purpose and Truth

  • Outline the story of Muhammad (pbuh).
  • Outline the purpose of Jesus’ life on Earth.
  • Talk about how rites of passage can give a person’s life meaning.

Values and Commitments

  • State, in simple terms, how the Five Pillars show commitment to Islam.
  • Talk about the teachings of Jesus and how they influence the values of Christians.
  • State how rites of passage can show commitment to a faith.