Year 7 Languages


You can understand the following grammatical terms in English:

  • Noun, article, adjective, pronoun, verb & tense.

You can understand and use:

  • Nouns (singular and plural).
  • Gender & articles: definite and indefinite articles (masculine, feminine and plural).
  • Simple opinions using me gusta and no me gusta.
  • Key high-frequency verb forms: tengo, soy, es.
  • Common adjectival agreement (singular forms only): -o, -a
  • The present tense of regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs (singular forms only).
  • Simple negative using no with regular verbs.
  • Simple connectives: y, pero, también.
  • Intensifiers/Qualifiers: muy, bastante, un poco.


  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of familiar phrases and opinions, spoken clearly.


  • Answer simple questions.
  • Give basic information and opinions, using familiar vocabulary.
  • Begin to show awareness of sound patterns.


  • Demonstrate understanding of a range of familiar written phrases and opinions.
  • Match sound to print by reading aloud words and phrases.


  • Write a few short sentences with support, giving basic information and using the present tense of frequently-used verbs.
  • Write some familiar words from memory.
  • Not quite accurately spell or use accents, but the meaning is clear.