Year 7 Languages


You can understand the following grammatical terms in English:

  • Noun, article, adjective, pronoun, verb & tense.

You can understand and use:

  • Nouns (singular and plural).
  • Gender & articles: definite and indefinite articles (masculine, feminine and plural).
  • Simple opinions using me gusta and no me gusta.
  • Key high-frequency verb forms: tengo, soy, es.


  • Demonstrate understanding of familiar words and phrases, spoken clearly and repeated if necessary.


  • Say single words and short phrases with support.
  • Imitate a model of correct pronunciation and intonation.


  • Demonstrate understanding of familiar written words and phrases.
  • Read familiar written words and phrases aloud.


  • Write or copy simple words correctly.
  • Label items.
  • Complete short phrases or sentences.