Year 8 Science


  • State the key components of a balanced diet, name the important parts of the digestive system and simply describe the role of food in the body.
  • State the key characteristics of plants and their reproductive organs.
  • Recall how plants reproduce and simply describe the processes of pollination, fertilisation, dispersal, germination and plant growth.
  • Recall what happens during aerobic and anaerobic respiration animals and plants. State the key organs in the human gas exchange system and simply describe how this system can be affected.
  • Recall the uses of unicellular organisms in food production and decomposition.


  • State the meanings of fuel, combustion and oxidation, name the three sides of the fire triangle and describe how to stay safe.
  • Recall examples of pollution caused by burning fossil fuels and some of their effects on the atmosphere.
  • Recall and describe the formations of the different rock types and describe the effects of physical weathering.
  • Recall that metals can be recycled.
  • Describe the common properties of metals and non-metals and simple describe the reactions of metals with acids and oxygen.
  • Identify between pure and impure substances.


  • Recall the ways heat can be transferred and state the meaning of efficiency.
  • Recall that white light can be split into colours and travels in straight lines from a source.
  • Complete diagrams for reflections and refraction.
  • Describe the three states of matter. State what is meant by gas pressure and fluid pressure.
  • Describe the positions and movements of the earth, moon and planets and how this is responsible for days, seasons and years.