Code of Conduct

  • Arrive on time for registration and to all lessons. Pupils must be at their form room by 8.45am for morning registration and by 1.15pm for afternoon registration. Your late arrival interferes with the right of others to learn. If you arrive after the end of registration or after your assembly has started you must report to the Pastoral Office.

  • Remove outdoor coats, hats, sc​arves and gloves on entry to the school building. They may only be worn when pupils leave lessons 2, 4 and 6, and as they leave the building. Coats should be removed whilst pupils sit in the canteen, at lunchtime and at break time.

  • Come to lessons with all necessary equipment, pens, pencils, ruler, rubber, calculator and planner.

  • Hairstyles e.g. extreme carving, shaving or unnatural colours etc, are not permitted.

  • The only jewellery allowed is one finger ring and one small plain stud (6mm Max diameter) in each ear. No style of "Stretchers" are allowed. Other visible piercings including tongue studs or facial piercings are not allowed. Pupils are permitted to wear only one named charity wristband.

  • No nail extensions.

  • No make-up to be worn in Years 7, 8 & 9. Discreet make-up allowed, only in Years 10 and 11.

  • Mobile phones, Ipods etc must not be brought into school. If found they will be confiscated and can only be collected by parents from Reception, after 3pm the following day.

  • Dismount bikes at the school gate and park them in the designated area. The bike area is out of bounds at all times during morning and afternoon sessions.

  • Pupils who come on motorcycles must receive written permission first.

  • Leave the school building at break, unless a wet break is signalled.

  • 'Play' in designated areas – not near cars or at the front of the buildings. Ball games are only to be played on the school field, tennis courts or Redgra.

  • Walk in corridors and keep to the left.

  • Pupils may only eat in the Dining Room or outside in designated areas, not in corridors or classrooms. Pupils are allowed to drink water in lessons with the permission of the Teacher. All rubbish should be placed in bins.

  • Make sure shirts are tucked in and ties are full length and fastened up to the neck. Full uniform must be worn in school and on the way to and from school. Baseball caps, denim jackets and hoodies are not permitted (Hoodies are sweatshirt type tops, with or without a zip, not outdoor coats which have hoods). In addition tracksuit tops and or similar sports wear are not permitted outside P.E. lessons, unless directed by a member of staff.

  • If you need to leave school during the day, you must get permission from your Head of House or SLT member, sign out at the school office and collect a pass.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in school.

  • Respect all members of the school Community.

  • Pupils are not allowed on the school site out of hours, unless they are attending an authorised activity.


If you would like more detail about our behaviour policy or code of conduct, please contact a member of the Head of House team or your childs' Form Tutor.