Year 6

Welcome to The Wordsley School!

Learn about our school with Mr Burton, Headteacher, and Mrs Weatherhogg, Deputy Headteacher.

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Advice from our current Year 7 pupils

  • 'Try and get involved in House competitions to support your form and House team'

  • 'It's not as scary as you think!'

  • 'Don't worry about getting lost. You can follow other people or just ask!'

  • 'Find your true friends and stick with them'

  • 'The teachers are nice- they're friendly'

  • 'Always listen to the teacher'

  • 'Be on time every morning and for every lesson'

  • 'Go to the toilet at break and lunch'

  • 'Don't give up'

  • 'Work hard, be yourself and find friends from other primary schools'

  • 'If bullying happens, tell an adult'

  • 'Be polite to students and teachers'

  • 'Always have correct uniform on'

  • 'Don't copy each other's behaviour. Be confident and be yourself'

  • 'Don't work yourself up about coming to Wordsley. Don't get worried- it's not as bad as you think!'

  • 'Don't be nervous- have a good time!'

  • 'Always ask for help'

  • 'Be tolerant of people'

  • 'If you're unsure or unhappy, go to your tutor or Head of House'

  • 'Don't skip school- you'll get caught!'