Curriculum intent

The curriculum is constructed with the intent that pupils will be:

  • Literate and able to communicate effectively.
  • Aware of the world and how it functions.
  • Able to take care of themselves and the world around them.
  • Healthy, safe and fit in mind and body.
  • Ambitious and able to make appropriate life choices.
  • Numerate and able to manage their own finances.
  • Technically literate and aware of how to manage their own personal IT and social media.

Curriculum Aims

  • To provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and achieve from day one, without focusing disproportionately on KS4 and in particular, Year 11.
  • To promote the wider development of pupils and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
  • To set clear expectations and challenge pupils to extend themselves and succeed in a stimulating and supportive environment; to be the best version of themselves.
  • To be pupils centred and be in the best interests of our pupils, rather than be driven by external influences and pressures.
Boy smiling in front of school entrance

Open Mornings

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