At Wordsley, our aim is to encourage all pupils to function as confident, numerate individuals, as well as promote a positive attitude towards numeracy and mathematics. Numeracy is about being confident to use basic maths in real life and being able to apply it to a wide range of situations.   

We endeavour to enthuse and motivate our pupils when they first arrive in year 7 and provide a weekly numeracy lesson, to support their numeracy skills in their other subjects, as well as mathematics. We continue to support their development throughout their time at Wordsley, with weekly numeracy practice in their maths lessons, that aim to retain their knowledge and skills. 

Alongside this, we have weekly form time numeracy activities that support and challenge pupils’ skills. We focus on a range of activities including quizzes, competitions and problem solving, that develop their numeracy skills across the curriculum. We also run 3 numeracy competitions per year, where all pupils participate during their maths lessons and get the chance to win a £50 voucher!


Open Mornings

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