Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament will promote pupil leadership opportunities that enable pupils to develop valuable communication, organisation and debating skills through key roles of responsibility and new experiences. Each Ministry will hold one meeting per half-term to debate agenda items, issues and initiatives within the focus of the Ministry, using their £500 budget to make positive change.

Core aims of Pupil Parliament

  • To increase opportunities for pupil participation and leadership within school.

  • To represent all pupils by a body of pupils from a broad spectrum of the school.

  • To listen to the views and concerns of all pupils and make positive change.

  • To communicate the entire decision making process to pupils.

Who can be a member of Pupil Parliament?

Pupils will have an opportunity to apply to become a member of the Pupil Parliament at the beginning of each term with no interview. Those seeking lead positions will be interviewed by Mr Fisher, Head Boy, Head Girl and a lead member of staff.

The Ministries

Ministry for School Facilities

  • Develop internal fixtures & fittings.

  • Develop school grounds and facilities.

Ministry for Pupil Well-being

  • Develop and initiate strategies for peer-to-peer support.

Ministry for Sustainability

  • Develop strategies for sustainability within the school and local community.

Ministry for Opportunities

  • Discuss curriculum and extended/extra curricular activities.

  • Debate and consult on school rewards and sanctions.

In each ministry, there are several roles available:

Lead Minister (Year 10)

1 per ministry

  • Chair meetings

  • Set the agenda

  • Oversight and control of the development plan

Finance Minister (Year 10)

1 per ministry

  • In charge of the Ministry budget

  • Liaise with ‘Lead Staff’ for purchasing

Promotion & Liaison

Ministers (Years 7 to 10)

4 per ministry

  • Take minutes of meetings and share with school (take turns)

  • In charge of all advertising and publicity (physical and online)

  • Oversee communication with House Seniors

Ministry Representative (Years 7 to 10)

10+ per ministry

  • Contribute to the creation of the development plan

  • Suggest, discuss and debate agenda items

  • Undertake projects/promotion/liaison


For questions about our Pupil Parliament or to join, please contact Mr A Fisher, Assistant Headteacher.