The mission of the department is to equip pupils with the skills and passion to create the future. Our vision is to promote creativity through curiosity and resilience to mould innovative artists and designers. Our values are vision, creativity, problem solving and communication. We want our pupils to be inspired, creative, bold and to create the future.

Learning Journey

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Growth PAthways KS3

GCSE Art & Design - Fine Art (OCR J171)

Examination (40%)

The exam is set by the exam board and the students will complete this in the January of Year 11.

The exam work is completed in the same format as the controlled assessment.

Controlled Assessment (60%)

The students are given various starting points from which they can build a project. Their project will contain:

  • Develop (AO1)

  • Refine (AO2)

  • Record (AO3)

  • Present (AO4)

The possible starting points include:

  • Project A Human impact on the natural world: global warming, hunting, animal extinction, pollution, destruction of animal habitats and animal testing

  • Project B Great Britain: culture, past and present, architecture and where we live

  • Project C Me, Myself and I: music, food, portrait, hobbies and interests


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