To teach students how to communicate with the wider world in a second language and to be aware and respectful of others who are culturally different.


Our aims are:

  1.  To lessen the anxiety experienced by students when learning Spanish, leading to an increase in motivation.
  2. To create durable learning that should serve real life communication purposes.
  3. To help students to develop intercultural understanding and an appreciation of other languages and cultures.

Learning Journey

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Growth PAthways KS3

GCSE Spanish

Listening (20%): Terminal Exam

Speaking (30%): Controlled Assessment

Reading (20%): Terminal Exam

Writing (30%): Controlled Assessment

There are eight topic areas to this course. They are:

  • Out and About

  • Customer Service & Transactions

  • Personal Information

  • Future Plans, Education and Work

  • Media & Culture

  • Sport & Leisure

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Business, Work and Employment


Open Mornings

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