Religious Education

Our intent at Wordsley is to provide a high-quality religious education that will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of all religions and beliefs which form part of contemporary society.

Religious education provokes challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. It develops pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity, of other principal religions, religious traditions and worldviews that offer answers to questions such as these.

Pupils will also develop and use religious skills, terms and concepts, such as significance, purpose, change and continuity, analysing religious sources of wisdom and authority (Religious quotes).

At Wordsley RE contributes to pupils’ personal development, well-being and to community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance in a diverse society. RE can also make important contributions to other parts of the school curriculum such as citizenship and PSHE education. It offers opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development, deepening the understanding of the significance of religion in the lives of others – individually, communally and cross-culturally. RE also promotes our school’s values.

In summary, religious education for Wordsley pupils provokes challenging questions encourages pupils to explore their own beliefs. It enables pupils to build their sense of identity and belonging. Finally, it teaches pupils to develop respect for others and prompts pupils to consider their responsibilities.

Learning Journey

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Growth PAthways KS3


Pupils begin their GCSE course in Year 9 with Edexcel.

Pupils study a variety of topics from the perspective of Christianity and Islam. Topics include:

  • Christian Beliefs

  • Marriage and the Family (Christianity)

  • Muslim Beliefs

  • Crime and Punishment (Islam)

Additional topics include:

  • Living the Christian Life

  • Living the Muslim Life

  • Matters of Life and Death (Christianity)


Open Mornings

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