Physical Education

“We remember little of what we hear,
Some of what we see
and most of what we do!”

‘Physical education is that aspect of education which uses various forms of movement as the main vehicle for the attainment of its aim. Physical education is the vital aspect of the curriculum where knowledge and understanding are gained through active sensation and observation. It enhances the physical, social and emotional development of young people through a range of individual and group activities, thereby encouraging positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle’

Physical Education has an important role in promoting long term healthy lifestyles and has a positive impact on physical, emotional and social health. 

Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4 in Physical Education we intend to provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and fosters a love of learning and self challenge. 

The intent of our Physical Education curriculum is to provide all students with high quality PE/Games and sport provision, not only as a participant but in leadership roles such as a coach or official. Our curriculum vision is for every child to succeed and achieve their potential as well as to lead physically active lifestyles beyond their years at secondary school. 

We strive to inspire our pupils through fun and engaging PE/Games lessons that are enjoyable and challenging and accessible to all. We want the pupils of The Wordsley School to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through our teaching of PE/Games, we will instil our core values of resilience, respect, integrity, curiosity and kindness. 

At Key Stage 4 pupils also have the opportunity to study Edexcel GCSE Physical Education or the newly introduced BTEC Technical Awards in Sport. Our extra-curricular programme is open to all our pupils to attend on a competitive and social basis. Those wishing to play more competitively have further opportunities to represent the school locally, regionally and nationally in various sporting activities through Dudley School Sports and Black Country Games. 

Learning Journeys

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Growth PAthways

Assessment in PE

GCSE Physical education

  • We offer GCSE PE (9-1) from Edexcel as our option, but pupils also study PE as part of their core curriculum.

  • The course is split into an exam worth 60% and practical skills worth 40%.

  • All pupils studying core PE will be selecting their own sports and activity pathways, developing both individual and team skills, and personal fitness.


Open Mornings

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