At the Wordsley school, our Science curriculum provides opportunities for pupils to understand the curiosities they have about their world. We embed knowledge of the key scientific disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics to enable our students to develop depth and breadth of scientific understanding and the appropriate skill set, to be able to succeed and make sense of the world around them.

We endeavour to develop the following whole school key values within our curriculum, encouraging pupils to consider the impact of science on our daily lives and their future aspirations.

We are curious. Pupils carry out investigative work regularly to answer ‘big questions’ within each discipline. 

We have integrity. Pupils are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills in analysis and evaluation to explain how and why things happen and to scrutinise evidence.

We show resilience. Pupils develop transferable skills in problem solving and organisation. They have opportunities to work both independently and as a team, understanding how routines and consistency are important in the laboratory.

We show kindness. Pupils are taught about their impact on the planet and the importance of sustainability and making positive changes.

We show respect. Pupils explore the different scientific attitudes that people from other cultures and beliefs may have and ask questions of the scientific community. 

The Science department at The Wordsley School strive to provide all pupils with the opportunity to succeed in Science, supporting those who seek to broaden their understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics in further education and nurturing those who continue to have a sense of wonder and natural curiosity about the scientific world.

Learning Journey

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Growth PAthways KS3

  • GCSE Combined Science (Edexcel 1SC0)

  • GCSE Biology (Edexcel 1B10)

  • GCSE Chemistry (Edexcel 1CH0)

  • GCSE Physics (Edexcel 1PH0)

For both courses, during Year 10 pupils will study content across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Pupils will complete required practical work during lessons. There are no exams at the end of Year 10.

During Year 11 pupils will again study content across Biology, Chemistry and Physics building on previous knowledge from concepts covered during Year 10.

Exams will take place at the end of Year 11 and will assess all content covered over the 2-year course.

Exams will be 1 hour and 10 mins for combined Science per paper and 1 hour 45 mins for triple Science per paper.

Pupils will sit 6 exams equating to 2 per subject:

  • Biology paper 1

  • Biology paper 2

  • Chemistry paper 1

  • Chemistry paper 2

  • Physics paper 1

  • Physics paper 2

Paper 1 exams will assess pupils on their Year 10 work whereas paper 2 exams will assess pupils on their Year 11 work.

We have a range of past papers for you to use for your revision. You will need your school email account ( and password to be able to login and view the podcasts. If you need this resetting, see Mr Willetts or Mr Wright-Evans.


Open Mornings

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