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GCSE English Language (Edexcel)

Unit 1: English Today (20%)

This controlled assessment looks at English in the daily world, developing studyng written language skills to analyse contemporary non-fiction texts and developing writing skills to express ideas and information clearly and accurately.

Unit 2: The Writer's Voice (40%)

Students will be tested in a 1 hour and 45 minute examination that looks at their ability to analyse writers' choices of linguistic, grammatical and structural features. Students will study one text that is from a selected list by Edexcel.

Unit 3: Spoken Language (40%)

This unit looks to develop skills in Speaking and Listening as well as writing spoken language. This is carried out as a controlled assessment within school.

GCSE English Literature (Edexcel)

Unit 1: Understanding Prose (50%)

This examination lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes and will look at two prose texts. One text will be from Literary Heritage and the other will be from Different Cultures and Traditions.

Unit 2: Understanding Poetry (25%)

Students will study a themed collection of 15 poems from the Edexcel Poetry Anthology. Students will then complete a 1 hour 45 minute examination which looks at an unseen poem as well as one that they have studied in class.

Unit 3: Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama (25%)

Students will complete this controlled assessment within school looking at one Shakespeare drama text and one contemporary drama text. These texts may change upon year.

David Massey - Patron of Reading

A Patron of Reading is a children’s author who is linked in with a school to help raise the profile of reading for pleasure with pupils, parents and staff.

David Massey – author of two young adult novels – has agreed to work with us for the next 12 months. He has had a varied career including teaching, music journalism, presenting, producing and writing for radio.

David’s debut young adult novel TORN was published in August 2013 and went on to win the Lancashire Awards Book of the Year and has been nominated in the UK for several other awards. TORN tells the story of Ellie, a young British medic on her first tour of Afghanistan. When her unit is ambushed, she sees a girl step into the crossfire. But instead of finding her injured, Ellie is led into a mystery linked to a hidden Taliban weapons cache, a bombed out village and a mob of armed children.

David’s second novel TAKEN was released in the UK in March 2014 and won the Dudley Teen Book Award. In this novel a young crew of five are sailing round the world together. They are used to being pushed to the limit, but nothing could have prepared them for being taken kidnapped. When they are taken hostage, the trip of a lifetime turns into a one-way journey into the heart of the African jungle.

David enjoys running Globehuggers Emergency Supplies – a business supplying grab bags and emergency equipment – shouting at the dog, being clawed to shreds by the cat, playing the guitar and writing!

More information about David and his books can be found on www.davidmasseybooks.com.

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