Year 7

Autumn Term

Hola (Hello)

La Familia y Los Amigos (Family & Friends)

Spring Term

El Horario (The timetable)

En Casa (At home)

Summer Term

En el Pueblo (In town)

Pasatiempos (Hobbies)

Year 8

Autumn Term

Nos Presentamos (Let's introduce ourselves)

La Comida (Food)

Spring Term

La Salud (Health)

De Compras (Shopping)

Summer Term

El Turismo (Tourism)

Diversiones (Leisure Activities)

Year 9

Autumn Term

Nosotros, los jóvenes (we, the young people)

Los Medios de comunicación (The means of communication)

Spring Term

Nuestro Medio Ambiente (Our Environment)

Nuestros Proyectos (Our plans)

Summer Term

El Mundo Hispano (The Spanish world)

Tú ¿Que opinas? (What do you think?)

GCSE Spanish (Edexcel)

Listening (20%)

Terminal Exam

Speaking (30%)

Controlled Assessment

Reading (20%)

Terminal Exam

Writing (30%)

Controlled Assessment

There are eight topic areas to this course. They are:

Out and About

Customer Service & Transactions

Personal Information

Future Plans, Education and Work

Media & Culture

Sport & Leisure

Travel & Tourism

Business, Work and Employment